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As Music Director for the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Summer 2015 production of Comedy of Errors:

The actors don’t hoard all the fun for their character work. Led by skilled guitarist Nick Delaney under music director Scott Farquhar, the musical ensemble (composed of all of the members of the cast at one point or another, on voice or instruments) rolls their way through a selection of tunes at times quirky and at times surprisingly appropriate – everything from Meghan Trainor to They Might Be Giants, with an ideally silly cover of Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime” as the highlight.

— DC Theatre Scene

As Music Director for the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company 2014 production of A Christmas Carol:

Musical Director Scott Farquhar has selected a rich array of Christmas tunes – both from the Victorian era and beyond – and they are an outstanding feature of this production.

— DC Metro Theater Arts

…great music under the direction of Scott Farquhar.

— Broadway World

…you’re greeted by the warm sounds of carolers…delivering versions of “Good King Wenceslas” or “Go Tell it On the Mountain” under the fine musical direction of Scott Farquhar.

— DC Theatre Scene

For the role of Tom Snout in The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company 2014 production of A Midsummer Nights Dream:

I have no idea why, but it’s ridiculously funny. So is the way Scott Farquhar, playing a non-nonsense Snout, is forced to play Wall, wearing a canvas tent painted as stacked stones and perching a tall column atop his head. He gets through his part with let’s-get-this-over-with speed and never lets go of his disdainful expression as Bottom and Flute play Pyramus and Thisbe courting through Wall’s chink.

— Shakespeareances

For the role of Cosme McMoon in The Vagabond Players production of Souvenir:

“Farquhar does double duty as both an actor and a pianist, playing all manner of pieces throughout the course of the two-act, two-hour play, often singing as well… There’s real passion in both actors’ performances, and Mr. Farquhar looked visibly moved at the play’s end…”


“Scott D. Farquhar plays the piano well and also playfully delves into the emotional life of McMoon.”

— The Howard County Times

“Cosme McMoon (Scott D. Farquhar) serves as the narrator to the audience and as a Virgil character to Florence, guiding and protecting her along her journey to stardom…with his vastly comical facial and physical reactions, which are priceless.”

— DC Metro Theater Arts

“Farquhar intersperses the whole of the performance with pieces of live piano, and he never misses a step. In his soliloquies he addresses the audience with a charming intimacy and wry self-deprecation that sustains the show between Mrs. Jenkins’s acts of audacity.”

— MD Theatre Guide

Nominated for Best Actor (non-equity) in a play in 2012 at

From the commissioning patron for Let Them Go and Heavenly:

“Scott’s composition was fantastic… I couldn’t be happier. He perfectly captured the period I wanted to evoke, for the musicians we were working with, all beautifully set and ready to go.”

— Joshua Engel with The Rude Mechancials

For the unabridged reading of The Black Star Passes by John W. Campbell (available on mp3 CD or via podiobooks):

“Whats not to love? Three fantastic books that all tie together … and just as important as the books is the top-shelf production!”

— 5-Star review on iTunes

For the role of Oscar Madison in The Columbia Community Players production of The Odd Couple:

“Farquhar makes his Oscar far more of a nice guy than Klugman ever did. (He) is adept at bringing out the human side in his character…”

— The Columbia Flier

For the unabridged reading of Star Surgeon by Alan E. Nourse (available on mp3 CD or via podiobooks):

“This is a wonderful 1950’s style sci fi novel, read masterfully by Scott.”

— 5-Star review on iTunes

“Scott Farquhar reads the novel with a clinical precision, he enunciates each word loud and clear. This is important as there is the usual slathering of SF technospeak atop the real and futurized medical jargon.”

— SFFAudio review

“Well read… The reader assigned his voice variation adeptly to the different characters.”

— review

“Top notch reading quality on this book. I found the narration particularly pleasant to listen to.”

— listener comment

“Excellent reading and story…toward the end my wife and son forbid me to listen to the story without them. Quite enjoyable.”

— review

For the role of Costard in The Chesapeake Shakespeare production of Loves Labours Lost:

“Farquhar, playing Costard as a bearded good old boy in overalls and baseball cap, turns in the most enjoyable performance of the evening.”

— The Baltimore Sun

For the role of Clarence in The Rude Mechanicals production of Richard III:

“Clarence, Richard’s older brother, played by Scott Farquhar, pleads with his assassins for mercy with the same ‘honey’ tongue as his younger sibling…Farquhar is so sweetly persuasive in his role that we cringe as the assassins do their deed.”

— The Laurel Leader