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Graduate School Orientation

Yesterday was new student orientation for my graduate program at NDM. The day proved to be a lot more tiring than I anticipated. The official start time for the event was 8:00am… on a SATURDAY! They were smart enough to

The Year So Far…

So in my post at the beginning of the year, I reflected on the challenges of most of 2012 and my desire to have a much better 2013. Despite some recent bumps in the road, this year has gone well

Long Overdue Web Page Facelift

Now that the two Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Summer shows have opened, I found myself with a little extra time and managed to squeeze in some efforts on the web page. I was way behind in updating the version of WordPress

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Days 26 – 30

This was a fun project and exercise to do. I hope people found it amusing, especially any fellow video gaming types. Day 26 – Best voice acting. I’m going with a game that just really took me by surprise with

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Days 21 – 25

Day 21 – Game with the best story. I’m dipping back into my (hopefully undisputable) Old School Video Gamer roots for this one and going with a wonderful game I played on my Commodore 64 back in the late 80s:

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Days 16 – 20

Day 16 – Game with the best cut scenes. I’m going to go with Starcraft II. This is one of my favorite cut scenes. Make sure you go full screen! Day 17 – Favorite antagonist. At first I couldn’t think

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Days 11 – 15

Day 11 – Gaming system of choice. My Mac. I don’t end up with as many game choices, but what I do have tends to be pretty awesome. Day 12 – A game everyone should play. I had trouble coming

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Days 06 – 10

Day 6 – Most annoying character. I’m going to go with the Murlocs in World of Warcraft. Of course, the gurgling call these weird fish dudes make is supposed to be annoying. Strangely enough there is an upper level quest

30 Day Video Game Challenge – Days 01 – 05

So a friend started doing this 30 Day Video Game Challenge thing on Facebook, and I felt moved to give it a try myself. Here’s the initial source reference he shared with me: I’ve had such fun with it

Hello, 2013!

Overall my 2012 was a pretty challenging year. Okay, screw being diplomatic. 2012 sucked… It sucked ass. But I’m also a don’t-dwell-on-the-crap-and-move-on kinda chap. So I shall endeavour to focus on the actual good parts of 2012 and then talk