Year: 2016

Did that REALLY just happen?!?

I’m as sure as one can be that I saw Will Rogers Follies at the Kennedy Center back in the early 90s with Mac Davis playing Will Rogers. I was actually thinking it was more like the mid/late 1980s, but

Next Big Thing: Character Building

I am currently working on the American Ensemble Theater production of Character Building. This is a new musical adaptation of the teachings of Dr. Booker T. Washington, and features traditional African American spirituals and work songs. I have been doing

Returning to Musicianship

I’m recording an album this year, and I’m shooting for an October 2016 release! So, now I’m going to babble (probably way too much) about this, and the circumstances leading up to this project. I haven’t really mentioned this specifically

Farpoint 2016

Over this last weekend, I attended Farpoint 2016. The last time I had attended Farpoint (or any convention, for that matter) for the entire weekend was in 2010. I have not missed a Farpoint, but for the last 5 or