Does Anybody Really Buy Sheet Music Anymore?

Or, I suppose I should say, “Does anybody really buy sheet music written by somebody who isn’t dead anymore?” Not that I mean they *were* dead and somehow became not dead and then wrote music which nobody would buy. I meant… Well, I’m sure you know what I meant. Forgive me, I just saw Eric Idle and John Cleese at the Hippodrome last night, and clearly some silliness is lingering in my noggin.

So, ANYway… At the beginning of this year I decided to try using sheetmusicplus for selling digital sheet music versions of my pieces. I had been trying to sell stuff through my own web page for about 10 years or so, with very limited success. It’s also a pain to maintain and keep up with it. I’ve only had a couple handfuls of sales over that period of time, so it hardly seemed worth all the fuss of putting this stuff out there. So, this seemed like a good option since I could just upload the PDFs to a digital publisher/distributer, link people to the stuff there, and let them handle the sales part and all that nonsense.

It took about 10 months, but somebody in Colorado bought my cello and piano piece. Yay for few bucks that I didn’t have before!! I purposefully didn’t engage in a whole lot of marketing efforts or talking this up, because I just wanted to see what would happen for a handful of pieces up there over a stretch of time. Since it seems to work, I can start throwing more stuff up there for sale and also start engaging in more of that “hawking one’s wares” stuff that we artists have to do but aren’t always that great at doing.

Feel free to check out what is up there now, and I’m sure I’ll start mentioning things as they become available!

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