Hello, 2015!

I didn’t do a usual reflection process at the beginning of 2014, and there’s so much that has happened over the last couple years. I don’t think I can successfully go through the process of reflecting on 2013 and 2014 without compartmentalizing. The overall summary is that 2012 is still at the top of the list for most craptastic year ever. I succeeded in starting to turn things around in 2013, and that year worked out reasonably well. At least, up until the very end of the year (for now, I’ll refer to it as a “perfect storm” of financial whammies). Some really awesome and exciting things happened in 2014 (participating in the opening of Chesapeake Shakespeare’s new theater and the opening shows in its first season of productions), but these were counteracted by some equally powerful negative things (the way-too-early passing of a dear friend I’ve known for over 15 years). In general, I do feel like I continue to dig myself out of a pit. There’s been some avalanches, but I think I’m making progress.

So, a quick and general run-down would be:

2012 – Craptasticist ever
2013 – Much better, but challenging
2014 – Extremes, balancing into what can only be called a “not so great” year

I shall leave things there for now. I’m pretty sure this will be a series of posts. Since my last real post of substance was about my orientation for my graduate program, I will make my first more substantial reflection entry about the graduate school experience so far.

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