Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! (Plus a few key updates…)

It is nice to be busy, and I’ve had a lot to add and update to the page. A reasonable chunk of this work was just knocked out, and I found myself digging through some old programs as part of this process. There was a bunch of recent stuff to update, but I also wanted to stretch back and touch on some older archival things as well. This included adding my very first stage appearances as an actor back in Junior High!

Another important update, is that a new recording is now available! The Laden Swallow is a solo piano piece, and my very first composition which was composed in May of 1992. It is now available at CDBaby, and should be finding its way to iTunes and other online distribution sources over the next several weeks. The main motivation for this offering? This piece will be used in the upcoming Vagabond Players production of Interlock in January & February of 2015. It is playing the part of Paul’s Nocturne, a piece composed by a character in the play.

That’s all for these wee hours of Christmas Day. More substantial updates on graduate school, recent artistic projects, and life in general, coming soon!

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