Anime Suite – New Royalty Free Music Offerings!

Introducing some NEW Royalty Free Music Collection offerings!

Just added to the Royalty Free Music Collection are 4 pieces which all tie together. These pieces have been grouped as The Anime Suite, as they are intended to have a sound or vibe that goes with Anime.

As is the case for pieces in The Royalty Free Music Collection, anyone is free to listen, download, and share with others provided you give appropriate credit. You are also allowed to adapt, include, or remix the piece into a project of yours, provided you follow certain guidelines and, in some cases, re-license the piece for a very nominal fee. For more information, please visit the main web page for this collection:

Anime Suite, I. Eiyuuane

This piece was intended to go with a female anime character. I tried to picture an appropriate animation sequence with the camera spinning around the character. Of course there should be stars and sparklies shooting around (mini-skirt optional)! The theme and use of the flute was intended to have a Japanese flair.

Click the link to play, Right or Option-Click to download: Eiyuuane

Anime Suite, II. Outouto Ensoukikai

The theme for this selection represents a male character. Since he has a close connection with the female character above, the two themes need to mesh together (as heard in the subsequent pieces). To help give it a stronger identity by itself, extra percussion was added. The intent here was to have music that sounds like it is being created by some strange and magical machine that this character built. (Probably operated with a hand crank…)

Click the link to play, Right or Option-Click to download: Outouto Ensoukikai

Anime Suite, III. Anechiimuotouto

The combined version of the two themes. The basic attempt with the two themes being complimentary was to show that these two characters are together and team, but also have their own identity.

Click the link to play, Right or Option-Click to download: Anechiimuotouto

Anime Suite, IV. Anedansuotouto

Just a fun little mix of the combined themes as a dance or club mix.

Click the link to play, Right or Option-Click to download: Anedansuotouto

Enjoy! Comments and feedback are welcome. Likewise, I always enjoy hearing from folks that choose to use my pieces for a specific purpose or project.

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